Rehab (produced by D1)

by D1 feat. Elite

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From the album 'Soul Blue' dropping January 2012. An emotional tale of love addiction, delivering such vocals as “you’re like a drug to me that I’m sick of taking” and “I need rehab for my soul”. You have no choice but to feel and live through the often relate-able pain of not being able to leave someone that you know is bad for you.


Verse 1:
You're like a drug to me that I'm sick of takin', and still I'm breakin' you down
But I've had too much of you, my heart is racin', and it's just chasin' you now
Run to the finish line, just hope I'm placin', cuz all this pain keeps weighing me down
But I just double my medication and try to change my aim to the clouds (then you came around)

You got me feelin' high, and then I'm low
There ain't no in between when we roll
Maybe one day we'll fly, away we'll go
I guess till then I'll be ridin' solo, but that's the life that I know.

(The life that I know...I need rehab for my soul)

Verse 2 (Elite):
Why I feel so cold? Woke up in the morning, why I feel so old?
Can't see through the fog where the road goes
and I'm speedin', but it's seemin' like I'm stuck in slow-mo
Turn the brights on, feelin' like an ice storm
If you shootin' high up, better line up with the right form
I can hear it and it just won't go away
Runnin' toward it then it disappears, 'olay'
Better pull yourself together boy
Lord gave me a sign and yet I never saw it
Guess I had to go through it, now I'm better for it
Two sides to the story, kinda metaphoric
damn...feelin' so alive, still I'm on a ride
God, lows, highs, often as the ocean tide
Still, I'm gettin closer so move over or get posterized
And now I'm on a roll...
How come everytime I'm tryin to stay you tryin to go?
How come everytime you tryin' to stay I'm tryin to grow?
Fuck it though, cuz in the end it's just the life that I know
It's just the life that I know...this is the life that I know
It's ironic how the more I seem to want it
The more the ones that got it seem to see the need to flaunt it
And there ain't no in between...I never know when to breathe
And even though you're hard to please, I can never let you go whenever you start to leave

I need rehab for my soul



released September 21, 2011
Written by D1 and Elite
Produced and mixed by D1
Guitar by Jorge Gavidia



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