Soul Blue - The Album

by D1

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Up-and-coming singer/songwriter/producer D1 brings listeners his debut digital release, the Soul Blue LP.

Executive Produced by D1 himself, the project features 14 original records from the Ohio-to-N.Y. transplant, including previously-featured leaks "Far From an Angel," "So Far Away" and "Rehab."

Joining D1 throughout Soul Blue are Dreamville's own Elite and Voli. In addition to beats by the artist himself, the project features co-production by Voli and LX. Jorge Gavidia provides guest guitar throughout.


released March 5, 2012

Executive produced by D1
All songs mixed & mastered by D1



all rights reserved


D1 Columbus, Ohio

Artist/Producer from Columbus, OH

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Track Name: Think About Me - produced by D1
Verse 1:
Another roach is burnin' out
because I know just how this roller coaster's turnin' out
'Cause it's a long long drop to the bottom
and when I hit the rocks I know it's gonna be a problem
I'm callin' your phone and hangin' up before it even rings
'Cause I don't know if I could say anything
if you answered...half the reason's 'cause I'm shattered inside
but I just wanna ask you this one thing on my mind...

Do you ever think about me when you're with him?
'Cause I sure think about you when I'm with these other women
Do you ever think about me when you're with him?
'Cause I sure think about you when I'm with these other women...
and damn, I'm missin' you...

Verse 2:
Another empty bottle of crown
Flashin' back to times with you has got me feelin' down
We were kissin' on your wedding night, fuckin' on your honeymoon
You told me that you love him, I was wishin' that you'd love me too
Now all I got's a broken heart
and I should have seen it comin' 'cause you told me from the start
But I was blinded by love
and now that I can see I'm just reminded of us...

Track Name: Troubled Mind - produced by D1
Verse 1:
Oh God, I'm sinnin' again when's it endin'?
Flawed from beginnin', I just wish I could repent it
Part of me's sorry, but part of me's not
I'd collect for you largely, but I ain't callin' the shots

What is the end of
your troubled mind?
To embitter to sin
Provoke your soul to Christ within, hey
(That's me in the spotlight losin' my religion)

Verse 2:
As if I had it, to sin is a habit
Think outside the box 'till I find myself up in a casket
My story is tragic, compare it to Shakespeare
But no way I can mask it, I will still find myself savin' face here


Verse 3:
The reverend can't save me, he's tryin' it daily
He calls me an atheist so I don't believe he can change
Still armed with my morals, do the best that I can
Never wanted to force you, I'm still outweighed by your heavy hand

Track Name: Karma - produced by D1
You thought you got away with all that you did
but you should know by now that Karma's a bitch

Verse 1:
Maybe my frame of mind was crooked, but that's how you were posing when I took it
The window to your pain is open but I don't even really wanna look in
'Cause you broke your word, now all you do is stutter and slur
But I'm sure that one day you gone' get what you deserve, uh-huh

'Cause I can see it comin' back your way
For all the things you did, you'll have to pay (hey, hey)
This is your warnin' but you'll have to stay
Can't run from karma, can't run from karma no way

Verse 2:
This is your warnin', the forecast is stormin'
You should be mournin' by the mornin' when it's pourin' down
You should have seen it coming a hundred miles away
Blinded by denial but the smiles will fade (smile's will fade)
and when the skies are grey, you can try and pray
through the night and day you could fly away
but it's time you pay...


Verse 3:
And now you're beggin' that I save you, save you
I ain't no reverend but I'll pray you break through
As well as learn from the mistakes you made too
Why couldn't you just remain faithful?
Everything I gave you
was spit on, you're so hateful
I bet you fall so graceful....

Track Name: Dark Sea - produced by D1
Verse 1:
Dark sea...
Flew the whispers and old debris
like an angel as you carry me
you swept me off of my feet

Tough luck...
I cannot remember who I was thinkin' of
Lost in the moment, I was up above
thinkin' of a drug

Leave my life by the stormy shore
Dive into your arms and dance with you ever more
Dark sea, dark sea
Dark sea...forgive me

Verse 2:
Dark sea...
more than a memory, you are my release
If it's surely certain you are now wake free
return, return on me...

Tough luck...
I cannot remember who I was thinkin' of
Not a name, not a face, not a place of choice
No one left to cut...

Track Name: Femme Reaper - produced by D1
Verse 1:
There she's sittin'
with a scythe in hand, she's on a mission
the minutes tickin' away, wish I could grip 'em
but I'm slippin'
And everytime I try to leave she keeps followin'
So, "'till death do us part" is the motto then
I'm swallowin' my pride
but I'm still hollow inside
'Cause one day we gotta collide

Femme reaper follows me
Yeah, she's gone' be the death of me
Death of me...please let me be

You went from my angel to the angel of death
I must be crazy as hell to think heaven is left
Shit, I should feel blessed for every breath in my chest
but this is torture...

Verse 2:
and I'm 'bout to force your hand
'Cause you keep pointin' the finger of judgement 'cause of course you can
'Cause you the head bitch in charge right?
You got your black hoody on, kind of fittin'
It'd be cliche' to say you're makin' a killin'
But I'm feelin' the wrath and it's murder she wrote
Don't I at least deserve a quote?
She never heard when I spoke...oh...


And you say it ain't over 'till you say it is
Well, baby I sure pray it is
'Cause I don't know how much more I can take of this...

Verse 3:
Ain't this a bitch though?
I guess that's what they say life is...
'till I'm layin' there lifeless
and I know what the price is
I sold my soul to a devil just like this
So I don't have much to offer
so I guess I'm a goner
so why even bother?

Track Name: Greyhound Love - produced by D1
Verse 1:
I saw her at a Greyhound station on a cold night in Cincinnati
I was changing buses, comin' from Columbus, runnin' all the way to Cali
With nothin' in my pocket but a dollar and a dream, and a half of a Xany
I almost missed the bus when it was time to go 'cause I was thinkin' how I want her so badly
Walkin' down the aisle most the seats were full, before I even said a word
We locked eyes and even lost the key too, 'till she told me to sit down next to her

(My Greyhound love)
We were both runnin' from somethin' that we knew we couldn't get away from
(My Greyhound love)
She was my only break from the pain and everything that I was so ashamed of
(My Greyhound love)
And even though it's just a couple of days, I'll remember you the rest of my life
(My Greyhound love)
So for now, lay your head on my shoulder and I'll wake you at the end of the night
(My Greyhound love)

Verse 2:
She was on her way to Colorado and her soul was as lost as mine
So I wanted to follow her but I knew it couldn't happen, wishin' I could slow down the time
We got a one-way ticket to heartbreak and sickness but the highway to hell's so nice
Wavin' to our troubles through the window as we ride and we don't even have to think twice
By day two we were closer than ever
I told her everything I could, nobody knew me better
She made me promise that I'd never forget her
and so I wrote this song, now she's forever...


Verse 3:
Wake up my love to Texas's sun
I'm wondering if we never had done
all that we did, would I still be runnin'?
Or would I give up and just head back where I'm from?
Caught up in my negative thoughts
and what happened next, I'm still regrettin' a lot
Pulled up in Dallas, the police were waitin'
Arrested for a warrant, no need for chasin'
They had that element of surprise
When they grabbed me by the arm, I was lost in her eyes
I didn't get her number
and 'till this day I'm still dreamin' of her


"You say it's puppy love, we say it's full grown
You say it's puppy love, we say it's full grown"
Track Name: So Far Away - produced by Voli
Verse 1:
I put a letter in a bottle and threw it out to the sea
Let my lighthouse shine so bright that everybody could see
Spotlight like the Bat signal to bring you to me
And if that doesn’t reach you, I hope I do when I sing, I mean…
I lit a flare and threw it into the air
Feel like we lost our spark and now I’m losin’ it here
Prepare…send an S.O.S. and a mayday cry
And you say you’re gettin’ closer so I try to wave high
Maybe if I prayed you would even stay by then we could take flight

And still you seem so far away
even though you’re sittin’ next to me
And so it’s gettin’ harder to stay
‘cause I’ll just let you get the best of me

And that’s the worst thing that I could do
Think I must have missed my shot, thought it was a sure thing with you
Hey, we talkin’ every night, I even see you everyday
But no matter where we are, still you seem so far away

Verse 2:
Light it up and leave smoke signals in the sky for you
to find your way back to me, I’m gettin’ high for you
I’ll draw the map to my soul but you have to deliver
Turn every traffic light green to get you back to me quicker, ayy
How should I feel, Lord? Should I put up a billboard?
Knowin’ this here’s the type of love that you would kill for
She’s poppin’ pills more, she’s gotta feel floored
Wanna sweep her off of her feet, but this is the only way that I will feel sure

(To Hook)

Verse 3:
Maybe you didn’t get my messages
I’m much too young to even have to stress this shit
Is this the best it gets? If so, I’ll block your number
go and find another girl and I might even (f*ck her)
on the first night…I’m sorry, I just had the worst night
If you could come back to me, we’ll take the first flight
out of here…’cause I’m sick of the tears
I wrapped my arms around her while she whispered in my ear
(baby I’m here)…

(To Hook)
Track Name: Soul Blue - produced by D1
How will it turn out for me?
Will I see the light or will it burn out for me?
Or will I paint you a picture
of darkness, heartless, a slave to the stricture?

How will it turn out for me?
Will I see the light or will it burn out for me?
Or will I paint you a picture
of darkness, heartless, a slave to the stricture?

Soul blue
when I'm not holdin' you
My soul blue, soul blue
Now I just don't know you
my soul blue, so blue, so true, my soul blue
Soul blue, so blue, so true, my soul blue

Verse 1:
I'm not green with envy
so I don't know why she see's it in me
She only offends me
so I don't know why I'm even friendly
I been through my situ-
-ation, waitin' for a venue
I miss you, I wish you
could face the blame I'm placin' in you
So tell me, is the grass really greener?
On the other side, does some other guy please ya?
It'll freeze you right in your tracks
when a cold-hearted soul puts a knife in your back, like

My soul blue
when I'm not holdin' you
My soul blue, soul blue
Now I just don't know you
My soul blue, so blue, so true, my soul blue
Soul blue, so blue, so true, my soul blue

Verse 2:
So have you red the news?
Headline reads 'every level head lose'
So I'm seein' red
and I'm back on my bullshit, speedin' ahead like...
Like I'm fleein' the feds
wrote a love note in blood to give my ink pen a rest
and she ain't seemin' impressed
though I can grieve with the best
and she ain't even depressed
and I ain't needin' this mess...
Let me catch my breath
'cause I lost it, like her heart when she went to cross it
No promises
Tell me do you really know how hard this is?


Verse 3:
And time just flew by
just like the plane soarin' through the blue sky
Heard she's with a new dude
Got me wonderin' if she blew him too
and it's too much pain now
Runnin' through the streets to lose this rain cloud
I ain't proud, but she is
All chemistry gone and so's the thesis
So I broke to pieces
Kill a rose for each kiss
But like the violets, I'm blue
At least I've got my soul, I couldn't find it in you

Track Name: Rehab (feat. Elite) - produced by D1
Verse 1:
You're like a drug to me that I'm sick of takin', and still I'm breakin' you down
But I've had too much of you, my heart is racin', and it's just chasin' you now
Run to the finish line, just hope I'm placin', cuz all this pain keeps weighing me down
But I just double my medication and try to change my aim to the clouds (then you came around)

You got me feelin' high, and then I'm low
There ain't no in between when we roll
Maybe one day we'll fly, away we'll go
I guess till then I'll be ridin' solo, but that's the life that I know.

(The life that I know...I need rehab for my soul)

Verse 2 (Elite):
Why I feel so cold? Woke up in the morning, why I feel so old?
Can't see through the fog where the road goes
and I'm speedin', but it's seemin' like I'm stuck in slow-mo
Turn the brights on, feelin' like an ice storm
If you shootin' high up, better line up with the right form
I can hear it and it just won't go away
Runnin' toward it then it disappears, 'olay'
Better pull yourself together boy
Lord gave me a sign and yet I never saw it
Guess I had to go through it, now I'm better for it
Two sides to the story, kinda metaphoric
damn...feelin' so alive, still I'm on a ride
God, lows, highs, often as the ocean tide
Still, I'm gettin closer so move over or get posterized
And now I'm on a roll...
How come everytime I'm tryin to stay you tryin to go?
How come everytime you tryin' to stay I'm tryin to grow?
Fuck it though, cuz in the end it's just the life that I know
It's just the life that I know...this is the life that I know
It's ironic how the more I seem to want it
The more the ones that got it seem to see the need to flaunt it
And there ain't no in between...I never know when to breathe
And even though you're hard to please, I can never let you go whenever you start to leave

I need rehab for my soul

Track Name: Eye of the Storm - produced by D1 & LX
Verse 1:
How will you see the line in the sand
when the floodin' occurs and you're fightin' to stand?
I see the tides risin' again
Lightenin' strikin' the land, destruction high in demand
The pain keeps rainin' down on me and I'm afraid I'll drown
And if I don't make it out, at least I faced the doubt

Before we head for this stormy weather
forget our differences, ignore me never
It's for the better, I could be your shelter
I guess you need me now more than ever

So let's just pray that we can make it through the night
Then maybe we'll rise again like a rainbow through the sky

It doesn't matter which side that you on
'cause love ain't blind to the eye of the storm
It doesn't matter if you right or you wrong
all the bias is gone from the line that you've drawn, so

It doesn't matter which side that you on
'cause love ain't blind to the eye of the storm
It doesn't matter if you right or you wrong
you gone' cry when it's calm and you find that I'm gone

Verse 2:
There's an earthquake in your heart
and it's breakin' apart
So if we split you know it's makin' a mark
how could you not say that it's art?
Them starry nights like Van Gogh
replaced by black clouds by the likes of vandals
So baby light your candles
or prepare for a life in shambles, yeah

Track Name: Alone (Interlude) - produced by D1
When I'm all alone
When I'm all alone...

Verse 1:
My soul's in pieces 'cause you told me you needed a break
(I finally did somethin' right in your eyes)
I'm sick of nightmares, so I just keep dreamin' awake
(Inside I feel so alive, then it dies)
You left me in the middle of a storm
with a fistful of scorn
My heart was rippled and torn
That's how this cripple was born
Funny how misery loves company
'cause I just keep doin' the things that make people run from me

And now I'm sittin' here all on my own
(Angel on my right shoulder, but the devil tips the scale)
Nobody writin' to me, nobody callin' my phone
(Kinda think I'm bipolar, 'cause it's gettin' cold as hell)

(When I'm all alone)
My mind is racin', can't turn off my brain when it's on
(When I'm all alone)
I see my demons, and they won't be leavin' for long
(When I'm all alone)
Me and this bottle, and it'll be hollow by dawn
(When I'm all alone)
I'm goin' crazy, ain't no time for bravery
I need a...

Restraining order for the voices in my head
Restraining order for the voices in my head...
Track Name: Recession - produced by D1
Verse 1:
Talk is cheap, I guess your pockets are deep
and I just base that on how often we speak, never
I'm a begger, it's got me feelin' lesser than you
I'm the aggressor, but baby you're a predator too
That's where the credit is due
Maybe I'll report that you're not reputable
At the least, you could lend me an ear
but you just write me off like it's the end of the year

Will there ever be a day I'm worth your attention?
You never pay me no mind, you got me sittin' here beggin'
I feel so broke inside, you got my heart in collections
Now I'm forever in your debt, I'm goin' through a recession
(The great depression...)

Verse 2:
Talk is cheap, but still I can't afford it
So I feel right at home with this bottle when I pour it
I'm so ignored that I've been feelin' forgotten
You treat me like a salesman, opportunity's knockin'
but you don't, you don't answer
Take a gamble on me and hold my hand, girl
Was there an inflation on love?
'Cause I'm still empty handed when I'm changin' it up

Track Name: Balance (feat. Voli) - produced by D1 & Voli
Verse 1:
And don't you hate the look in their eyes
when they despise everything you worked for?
Do you swallow your pride
or do you follow the fire inside to make 'em hurt more?
How could you stand the sound of their voice
when everything they say has an ulterior motive?
Now your balance is lost
Did you handle what dropped or did you preconceive the notion?

Don't lose your balance
Don't lose your balance
Your head is spinnin' like it's vertigo
Your world is turnin' vertical
from malice, don't lose your balance
Don't lose your balance

Verse 2 (Voli):
Would you give your life?
Would you sell your soul?
Would you make the sacrifice?
Would you wait 'till after life to really know?
To really really know...
So when will it all be clear?
They can put my heart through the fire with their doubts
but a flame can't cremate desire, they'll burn out
Steady on that tripwire, never try to look down


Verse 3 (Voli):
Welcome to the first day of history
Farewell to that workplace misery
Take off like the plane on that strippers g-string
'cause I have these dreams, sleep symmetry
Dark room, stage lights
Mumble through the stage fright
Bite the bullet purely hopin' it would taste right
Quit buyin' time, I could make it for the same price
Now you clench your fists
and you grit your teeth
you're too pissed to sit, you just gotta get even
You're so quick to flip
You know this is it, load the clip then unload your demons
'till your foes are screamin', yeah
Track Name: Far From An Angel - produced by D1
Verse 1:
Shit was all good just a week ago
now I don't even know
if I can see the path to go on
the shadows of evil fall
then I fall apart, another broken heart
try to pick it up but it's so sharp
now I feel the pain
this Percocet ain't doin a thing
I'm so ashamed of the shit that I put you through
and I don't blame you if you can't forgive me
could you just cool down and listen?
Cuz I'm the fool now, and I'm limpin
But I'ma crawl on my knees and beg you 'please'
cuz I can't cleanse these sins, but you can bless and rescue me

I know I'm far from an angel
I probably won't ever see my halo
told the devil stay out of my way though
cuz I'm just tryin to do the best I can (2x)

Verse 2:
Shit was all good just a week ago
repo man took my ego though
never had much of one to begin with
now it's occupied by repentance
the guilt is heavy, and it weighs a ton
and when I'm ready I'm gon' shake it and make a run for my life
run for the pride left in me that's keepin this fight so alive
and I know I might not be ya favorite
but I'm still prayin when I'm headin to those pearly gates that I make it


And if that's not enough, then I don't know what to say
'Cause when shit got tough, I always followed my heart -
the only thing that could take me away