For My City - Response Project Package

by D1

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released January 26, 2014

Written, Recorded, Performed, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by D1
Guitar by Jorge Gavidia
Bass by Rob "G Koop" Mandell
The Deepest Ent.



all rights reserved


D1 Columbus, Ohio

Artist/Producer from Columbus, OH

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Track Name: For My City - produced by D1
For My City

This is a message to my city
I tried to write it down, but a letter wasn't fitting
and though I know this song is risky
I gotta put it out even if it works against me

But yall just work against your own
only stars to the world when fists are thrown..
then it's, back to the bubble to bitch and moan
then I don't feel at home...
Now everybody's talkin bout Who's Hot and who's not
Get a little bit of Shyne and start feelin too Pac
That's no Biggie...'cause they say they want the bars
but when somebody sends em shots, they start runnin for their cars
like it's Diddy...what a pitty...let me frame the picture
The scene exposed itself before the city paid attention
in addition, may I mention, a shout to Cridie?
'cause they try to Copy Kingz but it ends in straight division
hope they get me...and if not, then oh well
it'll be back to the same fuckery we know well, and well...
...we don't wanna hear that weak shit no more

This is a message to my city
I tried to write it down but a letter wasn't fitting
Maybe I should move to Cinci
or even up in Cleveland got some people fuckin with me
But I've got love for my city
and the ones who show it back make it up for my city
but sometimes I feel stuck in my city
and then I wonder why I give a fuck about my city

Now with that bein said
thought's creep in my head, that,
maybe I'm the problem, I should, blame me instead
all our G's (allergies) in the drama, and, we just act appalling (pollen)
watch the hate fever (hay fever) spread, got a
antihistamine for that? Lemme get the scheme for that
then we can hustle on, remember when I stumbled on
This one humble born rapper, he was barely 21
Dropped his first mixtape, dreams had barely just begun
I could tell he was the truth, and he could see the bigger picture
but when he started thinkin local, man, he started thinkin loco
and I started thinkin "oh no", seen the anger takin over
it was less than a year that this city made him colder
told him just relax and get back to his center
'cause that's the type of shit that turns rappers into sinners...
...and we don't wanna see that street shit no more

This is a message for my city
I tried to stick to rap, but singing seemed more fitting
and I could never move to Cinci
not even up to Cleveland, it's just not quite my city

...Shout out to my city
man, shout out to my city
Columbus is you with me?
let's get our shit together for the city